Moving with No Hidden Fees!


No Hidden Fees
  • Guaranteed pricing – We provide a combination of the best services and the most cost effective solutions. If the extent of your moving requirements remains unchanged, our original estimates will too, that is why we are Flat Fee moving.
  • Personal moving consultant – Feeling jittery about local and long distance moving? We can set you up with your very own moving consultant who will guide you through every step of the move and provide you with all the necessary help.
  • Tried and tested process – We have adopted a process that has been tried and tested over the years and perfected to give you the return for your trust in us. Our process is designed to serve as a checklist. You can now rest assured that you will not miss anything in your new home or office.
  • Each move is unique, we will go over the different options and the different services you may need to ensure to you won’t experience additional fees.
  • Reputable Companies Comparison – Once you put your information online many service providers will compete for your business.  Make sure you check the company’s reputation, make sure all charges are written and explained and your price is a flat rate. “If a price is too good to be true, is not real” and additional fees will be added on the move day.

Everyday special – Flat Fee Moving will donate $1.00 on every $10 you donate for a charity.

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